evolution of customization

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Experience The Evolution of Customization The Merging of Physical and Digital

"We believe that creativity drives the evolution of mankind,  from the moment we learn how to crawl to the time that we stand up for what we believe in. We celebrate creativity by offering our customers a simple tool for self-expression to fullfill even their most basic need of wearing unique sports and work uniforms".

Our brand value comes from our commitment to keep our promise to give our customers a convenient, easy, fast, and inexpensive way to make custom apparel, bags, banners, and accessories. We want our customers to experience the evolution of customization – the merging of physical and digital experience.

The brand CustomiStation is derived from the word customisation.  A lettter “t”is inserted to form the word “station” in order to emphasize that there will be customization stations as a means to make the merging of physical and digital possible. These  are  Click, Touch, and Fit stations.

In Station 1, you can click the 3DWEAR Designer, a rotating 3D designer that makes you see in real-time the colors you choose, the graphics you upload, the patterns you like, and the personalization you want.

In Station 2, you can touch the fabric that you prefer,  the color swatches, and the real samples that match your preferences.

In Station 3, you can try the sizing kits to find your right size. You may also request for  adjustment in the dimensions of the sizing kit to match your specific preferences.


CustomiStation is operated by Willix Inc., who popularized the brand WillixSports. Get to know us more by reading about our 3Ps  (purpose, process, and people).

Our purpose and vision is to push for the evolution of customization as a way not just to make profit but as a means to do something much bigger than ourselves. Our purpose is to show an alternative to the current “fast-fashion”industry, which is creating what we call “market waste” that burdens the environment and the economy, Trillions of over-produced “fast-fashion” apparels made in sweatshops, that consume tons of fuels during shipment, that remain as idle inventories for months in airconditioned malls, and later junked or wasted as “ukay-ukay”, and dumped in our landfills, can be considered as “market-waste”. Customization eliminates waste by  reversing the “make-sell-waste” cycle into “sell-make-use” system, thereby minimizing, if not totally eliminating market wastes. CustomiStation harnesses the creativity of the customers to produce exactly what they need and avoid producing what will possibly end up as “market waste”.

Our “Click-touch-fit / Customize-it-quick” process is made possible by our 3DWEAR software and our reliable sublimation printing technology.

Aside from being eco-friendly and fast, sublimation technology offers 6 benefits to the customers: 1) breathable fabric, 2) bleach-resistant, 3) zero cracking, 4) moisture-wicking, 5) full-color, and 6) soft feel.

We also use other technologies to print on UPF-rated fabric.  Read more…

Our people are our most valuable assets. We treat them well so that they will also treat our customers better. We support the advocacies of Fashion Revolution so we give them decent working environment and renumeration.


3/F, East Wing, Estancia at Capitol Commons, Pasig City
Mobile –  0917-5142679 (Globe) Landline – 7373-4232 (PLDT) 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11am – 8pm