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No To Market Waste

Our vision is to push for the evolution of customization as a way not just to make profit but as a means to do something much bigger than ourselves. Our purpose is to show an alternative to the current “fast-fashion”industry, which is creating what we call “market waste” that burdens the environment and the economy, Trillions of over-produced “fast-fashion” apparels made in sweatshops, that consume tons of fuels during shipment, that remain as idle inventories for months in airconditioned malls, and later junked or wasted as “ukay-ukay”, and dumped in our landfills, can be considered as “market-waste”. Customization eliminates waste by  reversing the “make-sell-waste” cycle into “sell-make-use” system, thereby minimizing, if not totally eliminating market wastes. CustomiStation harnesses the creativity of the customers to produce exactly what they need and avoid producing what will possibly end up as “market waste”.

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